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Healthcare internships

Both BIO 390 and LIA 484 courses provide first-hand experience a healthcare setting for students thinking about pursuing a career in the healthcare field. The courses are designed to test the student's suitability for a career in healthcare. During the course of the semester, students complete a clinically based internship where they will have weekly rotations and attend a weekly lecture discussing the preparation of a students’ application to professional school.

How students function in this environment illuminates with clarity both positive and negative non-cognitive characteristics. This course accurately reveals interpersonal skills and exposes a student's attitude, maturity level, integrity, ability to accept responsibility and common sense. Students with poorly developed non-cognitive characteristics typically do not excel in these courses. The evaluators are the emergency department or internship supervisors and staff personnel. 

All students are graded on a pass/fail basis and receive three semester hours of credit. Students are required to attend the in-person lecture; for current and upcoming semester lecture day/time, please check BIO 390 in the class search.

BIO 390 Internship

BIO 390 Application

Students in BIO 390 will complete a weekly rotation in the Emergency Room in one of our partner hospitals. Students may have a weekly 6-12-hour shift, and some sites do have overnight shifts as an option. During their rotation, students will perform a variety of tasks overseen by the hospital staff. You may only apply for 1 (one)  BIO 390 internship location. Once you have applied, you will be given information about submitting documentation for the hospitals. If you have not met with the Pre-Professional Advising office, you will need to do so before completing documentation for BIO 390 and to add the course. To schedule an appointment, please call 480-965-2365. 

Current Hospital Options for BIO 390 

  1. Banner University Medical Center- Phoenix
  2. Banner Desert Medical Center - Mesa
  3. Banner Gateway Medical Center - Gilbert
  4. Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center - Sun City
  5. Honor Health (Scottsdale Shea, Scottsdale Osborn, or Thompson Peak)

***Please be aware that students are not allowed to add BIO 390 to their class schedule until they have been accepted to the internship. This can take up until the day before classes begin because we need confirmation from the hospitals that you are ready to start.

LIA 484 Internship

LIA 484 Application

Students looking for a more specialized Pre-Health Internship, or students interested in a healthcare path other than medicine may pursue internship credit through LIA 484. Students may be placed in a variety of internship sites. Students will work with the Pre-Health Internship Program through the Office of Clinical Partnerships for placement. A list of potential internship sites may be found on their website. Alternatively, students who have found an internship site on their own may also apply to LIA 484. Students who have secured an internship outside of the Pre-Health Internship Program should work with the office to ensure all paperwork is complete for your site. Students in LIA 484 are required to attend the BIO 390 lectures. If you have not met with the Pre-Professional Advising Office, you will need to do so before we can begin the process of obtaining an internship. To schedule an appointment, please call 480-965-2365. 

To find out more about site options please visit the Office of Clinical Partnerships - Pre-Health Internship Program

***Please be aware that students are not allowed to add LIA 484 to their class schedule until they have been accepted to the internship. This can take up until the day before classes begin because we need confirmation from the sites that you are ready to start.


The Pre-Professional Advising Office oversees all the academic components of the BIO 390/LIA 484 courses. The class will be taught by a Pre-Health Advisor and any questions regarding the course should be directed to Mary Nadarski at mary.nadarski@asu.edu. The Office of Clinical Partnerships Pre-Health Internship Program oversees the placement and onboarding of students to the various internship sites. Please contact Christina Islas or Julie Vo at christina.islas@asu.edu or julie.vo@asu.edu with questions about sites, orientation, submitting forms and documentation. 

*Internship sites are located in and around the Valley. Students are expected to provide their own transportation to and from the internship site; please ensure you have access to reliable transportation and indicate any transportation barriers during the application.

**Regardless of a student's qualifications, the instructor, coordinators, and internship site have the right to deny any student entrance to the BIO 390/LIA 484 class.

  1. Classes are held at different times each semester, please check the schedule of classes. Attendance at all lectures is mandatory
  2. Attend the orientation with specific internship organization (if required by internship site)
  3. Complete all required hours and shifts at your internship site (these requirements are set by the SITE; not all students will be completing the same hours/week)
    • Show up to your assigned shift day/time each week
    • If you need to miss a shift, contact the hospital for permission and plan to make-up any shifts if required by the site. Spring Break and/or Fall Break are NOT automatically excused; if you have plans you will need to check with the site to ensure they will grant the absence
    • Act professionally and in accordance to the ASU handbook at all times; remember, you are representing yourself, your class, and the University – don’t ruin this opportunity for students coming after you
  4. Attend six to twelve hours per week in a specific health care site


All students wishing to complete either BIO 390 or LIA 484 must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Meet with the Pre-Professional Advising Office (PPAO) to discuss your interest in a career in healthcare. During the appointment, we will do an application readiness review –
    • Review your academic preparations and plan for taking the entrance exam
    • Discuss what extracurricular and work activities you’ve engaged in since starting college
    • Plan for your timeline to application, including letters of recommendation and more

*Students who have met with PPAO in the past have met this qualification, though we recommend you check-in again if you haven’t been to our offices in the last academic year.

  1. Completed 45 credit hours (including transfer). Freshmen are not permitted to apply. Students in junior/senior standing who have not yet applied to professional school are preferred
  2. Have a 3.2 GPA or higher
  3. Have completed at least three of the core Pre-Health pre-requisite courses. You will also be considered if you are enrolled at the time of application
  4. Ensure your schedule allows for attendance at the BIO 390 lectures. Class day and time may be found in the class search
    • If adding BIO 390/LIA 484 will put a student over the maximum 18 credit hours for 1 semester, the student will need to request an overload from their department or the college. Students should anticipate this in advance of being accepted for the class

Health and safety requirements

Once accepted into a site, the PHIP Placement Specialist will notify students what the health and safety requirements will be for each site. All requirements will vary among internship sites but may include the following:

  • Immunizations or titers (Hepatitis B series, MMR, Varicella)
  • Hepatitis B declination form
  • Negative Two-Step Tb test or Quantiferon blood test
  • CPR certification: BLS for Healthcare Providers
  • Drug screening: Panel 10 drug test; http://mycb.castlebranch.com  Fee of $40.00
  • Background check: http://mycb.castlebranch.com  Fee of $67.00
  • Fingerprint clearance card: Information on obtaining an AZ Level One Fingerprint Clearance Card can be found at http://www.azdps.gov/Services/Fingerpint/

AZ Department of Public Service application fee is $65.00.  Electronic fingerprinting fee is $7.95. Fingerprints completed through other services may cost $40.00 or more.

  • Evidence of personal health insurance

 *Students are responsible for all costs for any health and safety requirements needed.

At the site

Expectations at the site

  1. Comply with PHIP, academic program and site policies, procedures and objectives.
  2. If an absence is anticipated, or tardiness occurs for any reason, a call to the facility is necessary. If the supervisor cannot be reached, a message should be left explaining the situation. However, it is strongly advised to speak directly to the supervisor.
  3. Students should not ask for time off. Absences due to illness or unexpected events are acceptable. The time missed will need to be made up. The site supervisor will use discretion regarding time off. If an issue arises, the site supervisor is encouraged to contact one of the PHIP Placement Specialists.
  4. During the internship, student interns may choose to observe ASU holidays.