Ana is a nutrition major with a concentration in human nutrition. She chose ASU to be part of an institution that offered numerous scholarship opportunities, had a strong science faculty and a diverse student body.

While at ASU, Ana volunteered weekly at a plastic surgeon's office in downtown Phoenix. She worked as a tutor for anatomy and physiology students specializing in a creative approach to learning, using visual models, games and the formulation of mnemonics. She also participated in the Student Nutrition Council (SNC), which enages in a variety of activities such as a partnership with The House of Refuge, which allows students like Ana to teach underprivileged children to make healthy food choices.

When asked what her advice to other students would be, Ana said: "Don't worry if you do not know what you want to major in when you arrive. The goal of going to any college is to find something that you love doing and to then take the appropriate steps to turn that passion into a career."