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Cody Munson

Cody Munson

Cody Munson graduated from ASU and Barrett in 2018 with a degree in Microbiology. He aspired to be a vet ever since he was a young child, and he chose to prepare for vet school by getting his undergraduate degree at ASU. Barrett was an especially appealing option as it would help to strengthen the application and provide opportunities for networking.

During his years at ASU, Cody gained animal experience by working as a Small Animal Keeper at the Arizona Animal Welfare League’s Education Department, working with exotic animals. He also worked in a bacteriology lab and as a Chemistry SI Leader. He focused on activities that demonstrated and reinforced skills such as leadership, responsibility, and time-management.

To prospective vet school applicants, he would say: “Get as much clinical experience as possible! Keeping grades up is important, but schools like to see substantial hands-on experience in the field. Having experience with multiple vets over many contact hours in different environments will help to develop a competitive application and give you plenty of options for strong recommendations. Also, don’t forget to check on vet school application requirements to see if the schools you are applying to are looking for any special pieces in your application.”

Cody is currently attending the University of Edinburgh’s Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Medicine and will graduate in 2022. He plans on working with exotic animals after graduating.

Ajay Bezawada, student story

Ajay Bezawada

Ajay graduated in the Spring 2020 semester with honors and a degree in Biological Sciences. He wanted to come to ASU after seeing all of the amazing research and extracurricular opportunities our school has to offer.

While at ASU, Ajay worked in 3 research labs focused on human sensory perception, tissue regeneration, and large-scale innovation. A majority of his time was spent in the Luminosity Lab focused on healthcare development and is currently working on a machine learning algorithm to detect GBM in pediatric patients through a contract with PCH. Aside from research, Ajay spent a majority of his time in undergrad scribing, volunteering, and making sure to spend time in extracurricular activities such as Greek life and clubs.

Ajay will be attending the University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix (UACOMP) this fall to begin his medical education. He plans to utilize his skills to advance medical technology development and address international healthcare disparities.

Leen Ayyoub

Leen Ayyoub

Just this past spring, Leen received her Bachelor of Science in Biological (Biomedical) Sciences as well as a minor in Chemistry from ASU. She chose to attend ASU because of the endless enriching opportunities the school offers and because she appreciates being a part of one of the largest leading research institutions.

While at ASU, Leen pursued many opportunities to get out of her comfort zone and become a better student and person. Of the main experiences that shaped her interests well were teaching, mentoring, and research. ASU offers numerous and amazing teaching and research positions to help students get involved and thrive within and outside their majors of study. Leen's best advice to all pre-health students is to chase opportunities outside their comfort zones because they lead to the most personal growth, learning, and skills development.

Leen will be attending the University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson in July of 2020 to start her career as a student physician. She aims to use her education to advance healthcare and to become a leader in healthcare education and development.


Allison Lewis, student spotlight

Allison Lewis

Allison Lewis is a Medical Microbiology major and minoring in Family and Human Development. She chose ASU for its amazing honors college, Barrett; Allison loved the idea of being part of a small environment within a large university. She has always been interested in medicine, but when she began college, she was uncertain what specific career path she wanted to pursue. During sophomore year, Allison shadowed a family friend who is a physician assistant (PA) that works in a trauma center. After that experience, she knew that she wanted to pursue being a PA.

While at ASU, Allison joined the pre-PA club and worked as a medical assistant at a dermatology office. The pre-PA club offers a lot of insight on the profession, because physician assistants come to the meetings and speak about their experiences. Working as a medical assistant provided Allison with patient care experience, as well as charting experience and learning how a medical office runs. Working alongside physician assistants on a daily basis solidified her decision on going to PA school.

Allison’s biggest piece of advice for other students is to seek out the amazing opportunities that ASU provides. She found her job as a medical assistant in the Barrett Honors Digest and found several volunteering opportunities through ASU. There are so many opportunities out there, sometimes it just takes a little bit of effort to find them.

She will be attending Midwestern University’s PA program in Glendale, Arizona beginning the end of May 2020.

Greg Sprout received his Master of Science degree in the Science of Health Care Delivery.

Greg Sprout

This past year, Greg received his Master of Science degree in the Science of Health Care Delivery through ASU’s College of Health Solutions. As a medical school reapplicant, he sought a program that would add depth to his application and complement his future career goals in medicine.

Pursuing the innovative graduate program at ASU provided the perfect opportunity to do just that. Aside from learning inside the classroom a wealth of knowledge surrounding the functioning of our healthcare system, he was given the opportunity to work directly with a clinical partner at a major Phoenix hospital to implement that knowledge into clinical practice. By designing a surgical care checklist, his work led to a drastic decrease in the incidence of surgical site infections; immediately making a difference in the lives of real patients. The program, professors, and clinical mentors not only prepared him for an adaptive career in the ever-changing field of medicine but developed him into a leader capable of empowering others and inspiring change.

At the same time, working diligently with the outstanding Pre-Health Advisors at ASU assured him that he was on-track with the upcoming application cycle. The result: an acceptance to the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix for the upcoming year

His advice to current pre-health students? “It’s cliché, but never give up on your hopes and dreams. Always seek opportunities for personal growth and challenge yourself to make a difference in the lives of others. With perseverance and dedication, things always have a way of working out in the end!”