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Letters of Recommendation

  • Best practices for approaching faculty for a letter of recommendation (docx)

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Professional school program directory

Calculate your GPA


AMCAS Repeat Policy: Grade Repeat Policy for AMCAS: AMCAS counts all attempts of a repeated course, even if your school does not. (Taken directly from AMCAS Instruction Manual)


AACOMAS Repeat Policy
AACOMAS will include all course attempts in the GPA calculation.

Science and Non-Science breakdown
BCP GPA: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry
Science GPA: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry and Other Science
Non-Science GPA: English, Behavioral Sciences, Non-Science Science and Non-Science breakdown

ADEA GPA Calculator

CASPA GPA Guidelines - CASPA calculates a GPA for each academic year. Those GPA’s are combined with any Postbaccalaureate coursework to create a cumulative undergraduate GPA and combined with any postbaccalaureate coursework plus any graduate coursework to create an overall GPA. CASPA will also calculate your BCP (Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physics).

PTCAS GPA Guidelines
PTCAS GPA’s include courses only from colleges and universities in the United States and Canada, repeated courses, study-abroad courses (if reported on a United States transcript), and withdrawn failing.

  • Overall Cumulative GPA includes all undergraduate, Postbaccalaureate, graduate, and professional courses.
  • Science GPA includes anatomy and physiology, biology, chemistry, and physics.

OTCAS calculates 14 GPA’s for every complete application received. The OTCAS includes all U.S. and Canadian college courses with grades and credit hours at all regionally accredited institutions, including repeated courses.

OptomCAS GPA Guidelines
OptomCAS will calculate numerous GPAs. There will be a running total GPA for each academic year that will add all coursework together for an overall total GPA. The GPAs that will be calculated are undergraduate, overall, post baccalaureate, graduate, and GPAs by course subject.

AACP Repeat Policy
Policies regarding repeated coursework may vary by institution.

AACPMAS GPA information:

Post-bacc / Gap Year / Glide Year Pre-Medical/Pre-Health Programs

WICHE’s Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP)

WICHE's Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP) enables students to enroll in selected professional healthcare programs and pay reduced tuition.